Yaniv Engineering Reports

As a company with vision, objectives and goals, we formulated a number courses of action to achieve them. One, is the development of an in-house reporting system.

Each department was characterized and informative control and measurement reports were created and assigned according to its profile. The reports allow employees to manage and audit their performance and examine the company’s KPI compliance indexes.


We have noticed that in addition to our information system, the reporting method strengthens the interface between the departments as well as the relationship with the end customer. The reports are transmitted between interfaces on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis. With this system the information flows. The results are reduced waste and increased employees output, providing full transparency to our customer, which we see as an active partner throughout the entire work process.

Our company strives for continuous improvement and is extremely detail oriented. Accordingly, the reports evolve rapidly and new ones are being created based on changing company and projects needs.