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Donation for a tour to Poland


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A youth trip to Poland is the main activity in the Israeli education system around Holocaust education. The travel to Poland has become one of the most important phenomena in the shaping of Holocaust remembrance.
The trip take place throughout the whole year. During the week of Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day, a parade is held, culminating in a ceremony at the Auschwitz extermination camp on Memorial Day itself. The ceremony is attended by youth from Israel and the Diaspora, accompanied by IDF representatives and official representatives of the State of Israel.
The students who go on the trips are 16–18-year-old, and they must bear the costs of the trip themselves.
It is important to remember and not to forget, hence the journey to Poland is for us a cornerstone in the memory of Holocaust victims in the 21st century and in educating the next generation about the history of our people.
We funded trips to Poland for students with financial difficulties who are unable to bear the cost of the trip.

We see donation as a privilege and a cornerstone in our society.