About Us

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing started from a dream and a mouse” (Walt disney)

Yaniv G Engineering & Construction was founded in 1998 by Gal Yaniv. Since its establishment, the corporation has set new standards with an extremely high bar of quality and excellence, for which it became famous and grow over the years. The vision, values and progressive managerial culture of Yaniv Handasa has made our corporation a leader in the area of complex and sophisticated Projects.

The employees of Yaniv Handasa show personal excellence, teamwork and contribution to the community, which are key values of the corporation. In the past, it was clear that the corporation was a pioneer in computerization, quality control, assigning and absorbing procedures, and nowadays it is a pioneer in all areas of green construction and LEED standards. The corporation´s financial stability is shown by full trust given to it by banks and by its conservative approach towards risk management, which helped the corporation survive several economic crises in its market and even utilize those crises to expand its own growth.

The corporation directors and employees view their customer satisfaction as a major value. Therefore, the corporation established a call center to take care of customers even after their project is complete, thanks to a unique computerized system. The high quality of the projects is demonstrated by the way the corporation is getting into the smallest details and by the variety of quality control measures it uses in order to make sure that the quality of products provided to its customers is nothing short of excellent.

About Gal Yaniv

Gal Yaniv was Born in 1968,  graduate the Civil Engineering faculty of the Technion istitution of Haifa (B.Sc) and holds a Master´s degree in Business Administration awarded by the University of Haifa (MBA). He has 25 years of experience in the areas of Civil Engineering. He is a member of the Association of Engineers and Architects, the Association of Contractors of Tel Aviv – Yafo and the National Contractors Association.