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Project Manager: Yaakov Manshrian


A unique project that spans over 7,200 square meters in a one-of-a-kind, historical building-“The Europe House”.

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In this spirit, the Nordic architecture firm, NORM, and “Gindi Studio” designed the new offices. It was all about a clean, quiet, warm and inviting design. Beautiful veneer tiles were integrated into clean, white walls. Clever exploitation of the “roundness” of the building was center stage, in order to create productive and inspiring work spaces, plenty of greenery added a vibrant liveliness and a large main hall steals the spotlight with its Spanish influences.

The hardwood floors in the office spaces set the tone from the bottom up— hand-picked three-layered tiles without the “eyes”, but with decorative characteristics that create a “rough” yet smooth and clean feel. The veneer tiles were put together in a harmonious mix of textures and colors, whilst maintaining the natural wooden feel, thus creating a homey ambiance. In this project, emphasis was given to the acoustics and the combination of a multitude of elements to achieve the desired outcome—acoustic, white, solid plaster, as well as unique solutions that we came up with in order to acoustically “seal” every phone booth and conference room, while maintaining the architects’ design.

The project was comprised of several designated spaces, such as the dining room on the first floor. The dining room was covered with travertine stone tiles that beautifully continue the architects’ story and design, giving off a wild look, as if it was just quarried from nature, yet with a smooth and shiny finish that radiates a luxurious feel. The main area on the ground floor was adorned with a 6-meter-high double ceiling with arches with glass elements in the perimeter and light fixtures that float like clouds in the sky. In this space we built a steel staircase coated with a microtopping—an element that greatly contributed to the architects’ main theme.

Working in a historical building, such as “The Europe House”, with its rich history, required us to pause, breathe and release the usual procedures that we normally go through in new buildings. This building has its own character and complexity that necessitated us to learn all of its microscopic details—every pipe and duct had to maintain their singularity.

The team at Yaniv Engineering saw in this project an opportunity to go up a level in execution, due to the cooperation with an external office, as well as leading an operation very different than the one we were used to. These helped us learn so much about new elements and work methods that are foreign in Israel, thus raising our bar to an international level.

An amazing project with a professional team, where we happily handed over this masterpiece to an extremely satisfied client!


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