The story behind

Deep Instinct

Project Manager: Yonatan Avraham


The Deep Instinct Company‘s offices are located in the new Rubinstein twin towers in the heart of Tel Aviv. The area of the project spans across 3,600 meters squared.

Deep Instinct was founded in 2015 and defines itself as the first and only company that has developed a deep learning technology that identifies, prevents and analyzes cyber attacks in real time aimed at the organization‘s weak spots— starting from its extremities, through the cloud and to the organizational network.

This was a very complex project, which concealed many significant management and engineering challenges.

The project commenced while the foundation and aluminum work was being executed on site. Working on the finishes prior to receiving the necessary form number 4 presented various challenges —open screen facades, unsealed vertical passages, deficient construction infrastructure (electricity/ water/elevators/ transportation routes), equipment loads and more.

The project was meticulously planned over a long period of time, and thus presented many challenges throughout all stages, including finding the head contractor that would achieve the best results.

As previously stated, this project included many complex elements, both architecturally, and in the engineering field, as well. This is nicely portrayed in the following example; the staircase located between the 33rd and 34th floors facing the western facade, incorporates seating areas. I believe this is the heart of the project. It is an exceptional element with great presence.

In the engineering field- the process included lifting steel beams constructively designated for support of the ceiling opening, sawing the concrete ceiling (36 meters squared), building the staircase — intricate framework, execution of tests and issuing permits by the proper authorities (construction permits, lab tests— magnetism and ultrasonic tests for the interfacing welding of the steel beams) etc‘…

In the architectural field- the process included coating the treads and landings in basalt stone that is especially ordered cut to size, while using connecting materials of the highest quality between the steel and the coating. The joints were then polished and processed into a unified and refined look. On the stairs‘ riser, a mosaic and grout coating was executed, which fuses beautifully with the stone. Moreover, a unique decorative framework, chosen by the architect, was implemented on the banisters.

The project was characterized by a combination of ”Open Space“ areas, office areas integrating floor to ceiling partitions, conference rooms with glazed portable partitions, concept rooms— music, yoga, a gym equipped with showers, a library, classrooms for training employees, kitchenettes and coffee areas on all floors, as well as storage rooms we created by utilizing the elevator shafts on every floor — another engineering challenge.

The hard work invested in this project is apparent in every detail. The finishes and materials were diligently chosen, all systems were oven painted and optimally installed in superposition, the ceilings/ coatings/floorings, architectural finishes, carpentry, framework— all are of the highest level of execution.

This was a very unique project, amongst one of the most beautiful projects completed by our company. It all stems from cooperative teamwork and an uncompromising work ethic by everyone involved throughout the entire project— the supervision company, the architect and the head contractor. This is the formula for a successful project.

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