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GOOGLE offices


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A project that left a special imprint on me was Google´s offices on the 43rd floor of a tall building in Tel Aviv. The area of ​​the project was not large, but to comply with the complex demands of LEED 4 standard requirements and the complexity of the implementation, challenged me in particular. We construct this type of project in Israel for the first time.

As part of the project, we have carried out a pilot project, first of its kind in Israel. It was a new concept of office space that can be dismantled and transferred. It is done by building independent structures within the floor (jacks). The offices were constructed from wooden panels combined with acoustic elements and electromechanical systems, which are integrated into the rooms.

It is important to note that the finishing level is one of the highest that can be provided in such projects.

The main challenge in the project was to maintain acoustics, with most of the space being built of exposed ceilings and acoustic panels attached to the concrete ceiling, and only then hanging all the systems openly and integrating them into the space and inside the modular rooms.

With the creative thinking and full cooperation of our subcontractors, Google supervision and management, and in a tight timetable, the mission was successful.

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