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Project Manager: Rodi Ivgi


The Varonis Israel Project is located at 7 Shenkar Street, Herzliya Pituach, in the Gav Yam Building.  The Varonis Project spans approximately 11,000 square meters, divided into 5 separate floors and located in the Gav Yam building in Herzliya Pituach.
Planning:  Gindi Studio – Architect Rona Herman
Supervision:  Margolin Brothers, managed by Gal Zonenshine and the field supervision of Yair Barkai.

The project is divided into 5 separate floors, where each floor is a world of its own in terms of the complex, special and diverse construction details.

Project Description:

The project began with the 3rd floor of the managers’ offices, conference rooms and open space work stations.  The floor includes a cafeteria open to a beautiful space with a wall of special colorful acoustic tiles manufactured by  Worx?? חברת וורקס  , a special acoustic yoga room that features a space with a rubber surface on a floating floor, a wall of mirrors, acoustic fabric cladding on the periphery including a special acoustic curtain.  The serious challenge was the sawing of the floor and ceiling between floors 1, 2, 3, 4 and the assembly of a steel staircase clad with oak, which posed a very serious challenge in terms of safety and the execution of the special finishing touches including the steel fortifications on each floor, a carpentry wall for assembling iPads on all the floors,  peripheral water aprons, steel stairs with mesh bannisters and block oak cladding for the stairs.

The project’s 4th floor features a very impressive dining room with a faux triangle wood floor, bots, special suspended lighting with various service counters.  The floor also features a 200 square meter sun terrace with a deck and wooden pergola, special floor lighting, and preparation for food stations for events.  There are conference rooms and S.O. stations scattered throughout the floor.

The first floor is double the size and included work in buildings 1 and 2 with a total area of 4,500 square meters.  This floor features the company’s main reception area with 2 seating areas made of wood, with plants, a large impressive reception counter including steel partitions with the company logo, 600 square meters of open mosaic flooring, interview rooms built in a low hut structure with a concrete ceiling and in a striking glittery red hue, a closed department isolated from the rest of the floor to provide a quiet work environment, 300 square meters of conference rooms that were divided into 3 rooms with a mobile acoustic partition manufactured by MyDesk, a large cafeteria with tables and 2 large terraces including a deck, planters, plants and closed by transparent glass partitions.  On this floor, we built a special intimate nursing room for mothers and babies, a spa room with space for a hairstylist and/or massage treatments, a cosmetician’s room, a shower room with 5 rooms including a toilet, sink and shower.  The rest of the first floor consists of open space work stations, a managers’ room, conference rooms and another cafeteria.

The second floor also included open space work stations, managers’ room and conference rooms dispersed throughout the floor as well as a floor cafeteria.

Each floor was painted a different shade, which introduced a lot of color to the project and offers great interest when moving between floors.  In the passage between floors when ascending the interior steel staircase, we constructed wooden bleachers for informal seating.
The project’s special carpentry work was constructed by Worx??? with a perfect level of execution with very complex carpentry details, such as special cafeterias that include an island on each floor, a barista on the first floor with a wood design, construction using special block wood, such as benches, towel racks, tiling niches in the restrooms, etc.  The project included electrical work, plumbing, air conditioning, special cladding such as wood, corrugated iron, acoustic fabric, etc.

In summary:

A special challenging project with unconventional elements.

Note that Yaniv Engineering’s control system was particularly helpful in managing the project, the weekly reports to the client proved effective in terms of the transparency regarding everything taking place in the project and created a constructive relationship with the client/ supervision.


Rodi Ivgi

Yaniv Engineering Regional Manager

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