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Project Manager: Rodi Ivgi


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A complex project comprised of offices and a Renault autonomous vehicle laboratory, spanning 1,200 square meters, divided into 2 areas and located in Building 7 of Kiryat Atidim.

The project is complex and unique, divided into two work areas  – one is an area comprised of managers’ offices and open work space, including a cafeteria, quiet rooms and conference rooms.  The second area is the vehicle laboratory, including parking spaces with work stations, vehicle charging stations, a cafeteria, conference rooms and storage rooms.

The project included exposed systems in the entrance area for the vehicles and the laboratory area, rooms with decorative ceilings, an epoxy floor and various floor markings.

The offices included decorative ceilings, unique lighting fixtures, floor covering using carpet and faux wood LVT.

Yaniv Engineering’s work included the projects systems, including:  sealing of the project’s floor, sealing and gas diversion, construction, air conditioning systems, smoke release and ventilation, sanitary plumbing, fire extinguishing system, electricity, fire detection, restrooms in 2 different areas.

Project Challenges:

The project is located on the -1 parking level, with ‘English courtyards’, which included laying concrete in the entire area, sealing the floor and walls and diverting gases from the area, working under an active building in an area that served as parking and storage rooms.  Excavating ducts to divert gases, sealing of the walls and floors and laying smooth concrete with a thickness of 15 cm.

Every professional category in the project was challenging in its own right, working with exposed ceilings requires extremely professional and aesthetic work, including electrical ducts, air conditioning ducts and painted air conditioning units, a combination of floating ceilings in the laboratory above the work stations.  There was an entrance control system installed, meeting the standards of the international Renault corporation.

The project’s most serious challenge was preparing the project for an event for many very important participants within a very short time, including the mayor of Tel Aviv,  executives from the international Renault  Citroen and Carasso Groups and many other participants.

The work was executed in 3 shifts with overlap of the professionals and was conducted with perfect timing between them to ensure continuity and the completion of the combined jobs in a perfect manner without delays.

My personal conclusion is that a successful project requires a team with a fighting spirit, professionalism and determination to meet the goal.

With such a professional team, the sky is the limit….

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