The story behind

Highway 6

Project Manager: Baruch Angelcovich


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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

The Highway 6 Project was the realization of a dream for the client and Yaniv Engineering had the privilege of bringing it to fruition.  2,000 square meters of offices, conference rooms and a kitchen designed to serve and maximize the abilities of the occupants and visitors to the office.  Yaniv Engineering executed the Highway 6 Project in the most productive and effective manner, where the offices, located in Azrieli Holon, are spread out along a long hallway, as if simulating for the viewer the actual Trans Israel Highway 6 from the beginning of the hallway.

When constructing a project such as Highway 6, first the foundation is leveled.  Yaniv Engineering decided to use a cement based self-leveling compound enriched with polymers at the beginning of the project in order to achieve a smooth and straight surface and to prevent and minimize problems that may arise when beginning the precise construction work.  Additionally, a decision was made to leave some of the compound exposed in the area of passages between the offices; however, in order to add the precise design element provided by Yaniv Engineering, special micro-topping was applied to achieve a floor with a concrete texture and the finish of a painting.

From the floor we moved on to the walls.  Yaniv Engineering decided that, for the Highway 6 Project, full troweling was conducted to reach the optimal results, prevent future repairs and to produce a smooth perfect foundation for an oil paint to be applied later.  Additionally, some of the walls were covered with a decorative wallpaper to add a unique look with textures selected personally by the client.  Moreover, acoustic and thermal insulation was executed using mineral wool with a high weight to square meter ratio, i.e., each and every office in the Highway 6 Project was an autonomous unit that was not impacted by the offices adjacent to it; and consequently, visitors to the office can maximize their abilities with minimum disruptions.

The cherry on the cake is the ceiling.  The Highway 6 Project ceiling was replaced based on the instructions of the project manager, after evaluating the field conditions and  understanding the client’s needs.  This is a commendable attribute of Yaniv Engineering, which first strives to understand the needs of the client from a practical and aesthetic standpoint and then adapts all the elements of the construction work to create one system to optimally serve the company.

In addition, in the Highway 6 Project, Yaniv Engineering served as an intermediary to suit the customer’s wishes for a traditional and conservative appearance and the plans of the architects who aimed for an exclusive high-end design.  Using dynamic, flexible steps, Yaniv Engineering implemented the design based on the original plans, but in the spirit of the client, thereby meeting both the project’s specifications and the full wishes of the client.  As we said at the onset “….it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Yaniv Engineering would be delighted to make your dream a reality, day and night.


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