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Project Manager: Murad khoury


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The DocuSign Office Project is located in the SIV Building in Givat Shmuel on the 4th Floor.  The project’s area spans 1,250 square meters, net, divided into management rooms, conference rooms, open space, cafeterias, reception areas and communication room.

As part of the project, construction work was conducted including air-conditioning, electrical work, fire detection and plumbing.

During the course of the project, we encountered two interesting and  unique challenges:

The first challenge – Installing a mobile modular separation partition, manufactured by Innovate Ltd.

The partition provides separation between the cafeteria and the conference room, so that when the partition is folded, a large hall is created that can hold up to 100 people.

The main problem in installing such a partition is the heavy weight and one point was designated for the collection point for the partition.

In order to make this happen, the steel needed to be reinforced in order to handle the weight from the floor’s ceiling.

To execute the installation, many variables were taken into account and various tests were conducted.

The system was planned and received the authorization of the construction engineers.  After the necessary plans and the authorizations were granted, we started the construction while adhering to the materials’ specifications and the geometric shape, as defined by the architect.

The second challenge was a back-up system for the air conditioning system in the server room.

After consulting with the supervisor, the client and the air conditioning consultant, a back-up plan for the air conditioning system for the server room was prepared and implemented with precision and the air conditioning equipment was selected to meet specifications, while meeting the tight deadlines.

Note that DocuSign is owned by an American company and its offices were planned to meet international planning and standards, taking into account all the system’s requirements and suiting them to the nature of the company’s activity, implementing them and sticking to a short and challenging schedule.

The final stage in the construction of the project was receiving the authorizations of the Standards Institution, which is a very important stage in a project and the scheduling constraints were taken into account.

Thanks to the pressure and organization of the office’s engineering department,  we passed the tests and obtained all the occupancy authorizations required, on time.

Every step and problem was handled, with the close support of the construction manager, the project manager and the office staff.  Note that the management company and client supported all stages of the project and met all the requests, investing efforts in order to effectively advance the project.

The company allocated the necessary resources in order to reach an optimal outcome in terms of quality, execution and meeting of deadlines.

There was a superior level of delivery to the client, we met the time schedule and completed the project to the client’s satisfaction.

I greatly enjoyed executing the project, which was very challenging and taught me a great deal.  I anxiously await the next project.

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