The story behind

Gindi Holdings


The Gindi Holdings Project was executed across 700 square meters in the Azrieli Building in Tel Aviv, on the 34th floor of the round building.

The project was rich in resources, where the company’s owners invested in the most expensive materials on the market.

The unique nature of the project is in the building’s round shape, was expressed in both the unique design and use of special rounded materials.

Yaniv Engineering was responsible for all of the construction work on-site.

The project’s greatest challenge was meeting the 4-month construction schedule, where the construction period was executed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This impacted on the number of workers, the supply of materials from overseas and the number of people authorized to work at the site.

Consequently, Yaniv Engineering found a simple solution using 3 shifts a day in order to meet the tight schedule and out of its commitment to the client who could not postpone the delivery date.  All the construction was designed in a circular shape, where due to the arrival of the tiling stones from overseas, the project was built in a reversed manner.

First, the old systems were disassembled; next, new ones were assembled and upgraded, and then the perforated ceiling was built with the circular shape of the building.   At the same time, measurements were taken according to the radii that were planned in advance and we produced rounded floor to ceiling partitions, rounded lighting and rounded furniture on the screen wall.

All the contractors who took part in the project are among the best contractors in the world with extensive experience working with our company.

I wish to thank the construction team – the foreman, the project engineer and the supervision of More Projects for the challenge, team work and great enjoyment.


Tuli Stark

Project Manager

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