The story behind

Rad Bynet


Rad Bynet Data Center project, located at Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem.

The project was located on parking lot level – 3.

The engineering complexity in accessing the project was enormous; the schedules were very tight and included complex electromechanical systems.

There was a great difficulty in carving the floor of the parking lot, lowering the level of the floor and making it more stable (by piles and rafts) for a load of 1,000 kg per square meter.

It includes electrical system of 800 amperes, air conditioning of 150 tons of cooling and two 250 kVA generators.

The work was characterized by the cooperation of all the parties, work meetings into the small hours of the night, work around the clock and the result was superb. Within five months, an installation of 1800 square meter stood gloriously.

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