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Project Manager: Dror Kazir


Controp Company Offices project is located in Hod Hasharon industrial area, Ashtrum industrial park. The area of the project is about 1,500 m2 in the ground floor and 80 m2 in a subterranean parking lot.

This is a challenging project which includes in its framework a unique project that although its relative small area it required actions and many resources, accuracy and meeting strict standards.

Actually, this project is a continuation of new projects in an additional structure which our company built two years ago as a result of its operation expansion. Therefore, the project schedules were intense and during the projects profound changed were executed in the framework while meeting the performance targets.

The management of the company has moved to a new facility which includes dozens of offices, meeting rooms, a kitchenette and a kitchen with a dining area, and bathrooms for men and women. The offices are divided using a modular partitions system with singular vitrification.

In the framework of the project, demolition and evacuation works were carried out in most of the areas on ground floor and then construction took place in accordance with the execution plans. As part of the definitions and instructions of the project, measurement units have to be accurate, while performing renewal and installation according to a new layout, all of which while dealing with a situation that required many adjustments.

The electricity boards had to be restored, and adjustments were made in the electricity infrastructure as to meet the requirements of the client. Additionally, the communication infrastructure of the structures had to be connected together with another structure while executing subterranean infrastructure works and avoiding damaging current infrastructure, all of which were carried out successfully.

The project is characterized with clean lines, combining white wall colors and a colorful partitions system, in-wall lighting and unified design in most of the areas, similar to works carried out in a different structure.

The works in the parking lot area were the most complex in light of the area limitation and the nature of the work while maintaining punctuation and accuracy with all the instruction of the advisors and the planners.

The last stage of the project is receiving approval of the works and the systems by The Standards Institution of Israel. All the inspection were successful and we obtained all the relevant approval as to populate the structure.

Many good people who have a great contribution in the success of the project took a major part in it. Strict inspection was maintained throughout the project by an inspector on behalf of the client, including a foreman and a project manager on behalf of our company. We have put much effort as to execute the requests and the changes the client had asked us to apply.

We continue providing assistance and to offer our service to our client even after populating the structure.

As a project manager, I have had the pleasure to execute this project in spite of the challenges and the difficulties, while maintaining close relationship with the client and his inspector.

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