The story behind

BMC Tel Hai, Kiryat Shmona

Project Manager: Dudi Almagor


Project Name: BMC Tel Hai, Kiryat Shmona
The most significant project I have managed is an office building for BMC Company. It is a very special and beautiful project.

The building is located in Tel Hai industrial zone in the city of Kiryat Shmona. The architectural design is made of offices with the shape of steel containers with a combination of glass partitions and special colors. The building is 5,000 square meters and 7.5 meters high.

The plan was to build a steel gallery and to cast a concrete floor on a steel cone and transform the building into a two-story office building, with the second floor as meeting rooms and management rooms. In the m

iddle of the first floor there were two meeting rooms, a large cafeteria and an open room to serve as a gaming space for employees. What is unique about these structures is that they were built of wood and stand as an independent structure on top of 30/30 beams without concrete castings. The walls of the project were made of glass partitions and individual plaster walls.

The architect, Vered Gindi, designed the details in a special way and in every aspect. The lighting and the special colors were chosen carefully.

Following the architect´s requirement, the offices were built of plaster walls and ceilings, with a tin co
vering around it, which gave the feeling of a closed container structure. The main difficulty in the project was in the tin cladding work, since the selected tin was wavy with various corners connections.

In order to preserve the uniqueness and to receive a beautiful and accurate result, special edge profiles were ordered, and painted in carefully chosen colors. As a result, we received an amazing and precise shell covering while maintaining the architectural design. The pictures speak for themselves.

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