The story behind

AB Dental


AB Dental was a unique project in Ashdod industrial zone, which included office areas in a very high standard. Since the company represents leading companies from abroad, the standard of planning, execution and selection of materials was meticulous in order to meet all the requirements. The total area of ​​the project was about 4,000 square meters.

Throughout the project, a smoothed concrete floor was casted. The floor of the production hall was casted with high accuracy in order to enable the installation of high precision milling machines.

The project took about three and a half months and included the ordering of many elements from abroad. In order to get the elements on time we had to plan in advance all the final heights in the project before the start of the implementation.

In this project, we also construct clean rooms. We were required to hand over the clean rooms before the entire project was populated and for that, we isolated the clean rooms area while working on the entire project.

In addition, we construct dentistry-training halls, including a training room / auditorium, which included electrical, plumbing and medical gases systems, two dentists rooms with X-ray, medical gases, electricity and plumbing connections to the doctor chairs.

In addition to all of these, we have established a factory to manufacture dental implants on the ground floor. The plant included a gallery construction made of steel for offices above the production floor, with electrical, plumbing, communications and security systems, and room for a 3D printer for dental implants. In order to isolate the room, acoustic sponges and double partitions were installed throughout the plant, and security glasses were installed on the building´s facades, as well as a safe room / storage room for implants.

The room consisted of a 4 mm thick of tin panels on each side of the partition, shock sensors were installed on all walls, windows and armored doors were installed to prevent burglary, all in accordance with the Foreign Ministry standards.

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